Apple Seeds New GM Build of iOS 4.2 for iPad

So, you may have heard that there have been some WiFi issues with the latest build of iOS 4.2 on…

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Apple Update iTunes to 10.1

Apple has released version 10.1 of it’s popular media client, iTunes. This latest update brings a few fixes, as well…

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OS X 10.6.5 Released!

Apple has released an update to Snow Leopard, in OS X 10.6.5. It is available now, via Software Update. With…

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Apple Releases New iPad Commercial – iPad Is Electric [Video]

Apple has released its latest iPad commercial upon the world called “iPad is Electric”. From watching movies on its brilliant…

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iOS 4.2 GM Released To Developers. Public Release Soon!

Apple is now allowing access to Xcode and iOS 4.2 SDK GM Seed, build 10M2423, and firmware build 8C134. Registered…

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Useful Apps: VoodooPad and VP Reader by Flying Meat

VoodooPad for Mac and VP Reader for iPhone keep the stuff you easily forget.

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Growing business by using private label CRM solution is a solution to growing your business as it allows you offer the hottest trends to your business partners and customers by hitting Enterprise software which acts like a service. It also helps you grow the brand and sales of your business. Private label CRM has helped many companies in building their business back-end host as well as maintaining their systems. This crm do this by taking back their brands while growing the companies’ brands and business. It is perfect for businesses dealing with web design and web hosting. This software integrates your products hence upgrading your current customers which is a solution to maintaining such customers. Since in your business you are your products expert and you know the best way to manage your customers, with this solution you perfect on this. Private label CRM comes with some advantages that include:

1.) Helps businesses sell through dealers

With this software, you only need to market your products such that they qualify for the leads after which you hand them over to dealers. The dealers then provide a sales pipeline end to end then act like a follow up tool for your brand and keep your business workflow right in place. This increases your commitment to your dealers which translates to commitment by the dealers in representing your business brand fully. With this you only need provide to them the products and necessary tools for their growth.

2.) Acts like affiliate managers program

Private label CRM helps ease management work. It allows signing up of managers which allows the managers log into their accounts and see the number of leads directing to them. This helps managers close many deals. This software helps business owners solve problems originating from using the old office system which has shed customers and led to lack of flexibility in the business hence becoming a liability. The software is designed with business users in mind that is why it offers solutions to such problems.

3.) Connection to social media

Private label software helps you connect your business to social sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest which improves your vertical market. This offers a platform for better understanding of your customers from their reactions on such sites. By understanding your customers, you stand a very better place for success as you will keep up to their expectations. Private label software offers your site visitors a safe area to log into your site where they are able to see the information you are sharing with your customers and it is equipped with enterprise configuration and features. With this software, your web content can be managed from your office as it becomes a customized solution to your back office.

4.) Acts like a provider of leads

Private label software extends your business brand by providing top and quality leads as well as allowing log in which enables tracking of your leads progress with your own branding. This software acts like a contact and lead management of databases hence allowing customers to see your business brand then close deals once they get subscribed to your business leads. This software gets your whole staff on board with a crm fully customized with the corporate brand. This makes employees boost their confidence as it makes them feel like they are working for an outstanding company of quality hence efficient management and quality investment by staff. It also allows staff maintain a close relation with the customers.

5.) Helps improve the management of partner relationship.

Business partners include the dealers, agencies, resellers, distributors, workers. Private label software will help create better and efficient working relations with this partners. This is by allowing the partners to share with your business management share in real time the data from customers as well as your business brand leading.

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We Have the White iPhone 4! Kind of…

With all the recent talk of the mysterious white iPhone 4 being delayed again, or possibly even cancelled, it seems…

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