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Apple’s Ingenious Plan To Make More Money

On October 29, 2010, by Arsalan Majid

The company who changed the way we listen to music, reinvented the phone, brought the internet in the palm of our hands has finally dropped the ‘i’ bomb on Earth. As a result, every household nowadays has at least one Apple product. So what’s the secret? Well… a few days ago, while I was about to go to sleep, I thought how the world would look from Steve Jobs eyes. I realized what a fool we iDevice owners are. I did some research, and now I’ve come to the conclusion that Apple played us all along. THIS IS JUST A THEORY… NONE OF THE INFORMATION BELOW IS CONFIRMED TO BE TRUE.

Earlier this year, a leaked prototype of the new and upcoming iPhone was lost in a bar. Gizmodo some how got their hands all over the new iPhone and leaked the specs and pictures. When Apple found out, Steve Jobs commented that humans make mistakes and to make a new product, you gotta test it…. but in this case, things are fishier than it seems.

Now back to the point, how did this happen? Apple, a huge company, can’t handle their upcoming products? And with the built in GPS, Apple could easily track and recover the iPhone before it got in the wrong hands.

Here’s how it goes; Apple changed the iPhone design to a flat glass surface on the front and back. What would you do, if you changed the design of a product so popular that a new design could risk the sales? And if the public didn’t approve of the new design, how do you find out their opinion? You leak the design and review the publics comments. That’s what I would do if I was Steve Jobs.

Everybody loved the new design and Apple decided to go with it. The police raided the house of the editor of Gizmodo and seized some of his stuff. When Steve Jobs was asked about this, he said that this story has a lot of criminal activities. So why didn’t he sue him? Apple, a tech giant could easily sue a tech writer any day… Why didn’t it happen? Why did the editor of Gizmodo get off to this day? This leads to the conclusion that this whole drama was planned. I can’t say that the editor of Gizmodo was in on it or not but Apple definitely had tricks up their sleeve. This leads to Apple’s publicity and more people were now into iPhones. More publicity = More customers. As a result, the company sold 14.1 million iPhones in the quarter, representing 91 percent unit growth over the year-ago quarter.

Now you’re going to say “nahh… Apple would never do that”… ok … read on.

iPhone 4 has a major issue. Antennagate. If you hold your iPhone 4 firmly from the left hand corner at the bottom, the signal drops. Why? We know that iPhone 4 has a completely new antenna system but come on… how can Apple even do such a thing, and not find a cure for it. Something is fishy.

After this whole antennagate buzz happened, the antenna design team of the iPhone 4 admitted that they knew there was a fault in the antenna system, but Steve Jobs didn’t mind and nothing was done to fix this issue. Really Steve Jobs? You’re not that stupid… even a 2 year old knows that. So why didn’t he fix the antenna issue before releasing the iPhone 4?

Well, here’s what I think. Apple releases new iPhones every year in June at the WWDC. Apple showed off the iPhone 4 both in black and white. White was delayed even to this day. According to sources, the white iPhone 4 is planned for the holiday season. Today news spread out that the white iPhone 4 is delayed to spring of 2011…. Why the delay? According to Engadget, a person was spotted with a white iPhone in New York. When asked how he got it, he said his friend from the Apple family got it specially for him. When asked why isn’t it publicly released, he said the colour of the home button does not match with the colour of the body. Seriously? It takes 6 months just to fix a small colour problem? NO! What Apple is planning is, that since iPhone 4 in black is such a hit, the white iPhone 4 would bring a lot of revenue too. If both of these were released together, the sales would somewhat be normal for 2010. Apple wants to increase the sales. If both colours were released together and you would go buy an iPhone 4, you’d have a choice either black or white. Lets suppose Apple manufactured 100 iPhones both in black and white, with both assuming 50% of sales was of black, and 50% for white in 2010. Where as if only the black colour iPhone is released, all 100 iPhones would be sold whenever its available. Get the picture?

What Apple planned is that if the white is released later in 2010 and now 2011, their revenue would increase in such a way that if you bought a black one, you would want the white so bad, that you’d buy the iPhone 4 again.

Here’s where antennagate comes in. It seems like the antenna issue didn’t effect the sales in the iPhone 4 anyway. If a fix for this released in another iPhone, you’d definitely buy the new one because it fixes the problem. More buyers = More Revenue… get it?

Apple made a special antenna lab worth $100 million USD where the antenna is tested. How could antennagate be missed during the antenna test? How could such a big issue not be fixed from such a big tech giant?

In other news, the Apple store app was updated that displays the booking for white iPhone 4 available… If Apple wants to release the white iPhone 4 in 2011, why did they update the app with the option for white iPhone 4?

This whole scenario has more twist and turns than roads on mountainous areas…I mean seriously…why can’t Apple make up their mind? What’s stopping them? The answer lies in the mind of Steve Jobs.

Now to the jailbreak scene. When Apple releases a new firmware, they patch the previous jailbreak exploit. The hackers get to work again and create another jailbreak. Why play like cats and dogs? If Apple wanted they could permanently block Jailbreak exploits…. Apple can’t keep up with the hackers? WOW! Im shocked! Apple, such a big tech giant, can’t defeat individual hackers. It’s kind of hard to swallow.

According to Jay Freeman, the creator of Cydia, 10% of all iPhones are jailbroken. People mostly jailbreak so they can get access to 3rd party development that Apple doesn’t approve, one of them pirated apps.

Recently someone told me that he downloaded a pirated version of the app, NanoStudio. He said he couldn’t get that app to work. Whenever he launched NanoStudio, it would load and give the error ”This app is already downloaded on anothet iPhone. Please don’t download pirated version of NanoStudio”.

Then I thought to myself that if one app can’t be pirated, why cant all? This could be applied to every app if Apple wanted. So why doesn’t Apple do it?

In my opinion Apple wants this piracy to continue as it is. Why? Well here’s the statistics:
Apple keeps 40% of the revenue and gives 60% to developers. If piracy attracts people to buy iPhones, more revenue for Apple in a big way. What if Apple doesnt get the 40%? They’re getting more from the sales of iDevices. Lets say I don’t buy an iDevice because apps can’t be pirated. But if piracy is present, I’d buy the iDevice. Which means I’ll pay atleast $100 directly to Apple for the new iDevice. This way Apple gets more revenue, get it?

Now its up to you to decide what’s truth and what’s fiction.

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  • Debunker

    he’s 17 years old, give him a break – you believed a lot of conspiracy shit at that age too

  • Josenecio617

    U right but that why they are busine ppl and the slow ppl alway buying new iphone cuz is new and ppl want the new shxt to show off

  • Jaymit_123

    Very true keep a good work up!!!Steve job is really playing the game!!

  • http://www.thebarrierealestateblog.com/ Barrie Real Estate

    For a seventeen year old to see beyond what is going on with Steve Jobs’s marketing tactics is something special. A lot of Apple fan boys are just mere zombies that whatever Steve Jobs says is acceptable. What if that antennagate fiasco happened with Microsoft? I am pretty sure they will demand replacement but not in the case of Apple. You are just given a remedy which is unacceptable for consumer standards.

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