VoodooPad LogoSometimes I can remember the most obscure detail from the remote past. Sometimes I can’t remember what I was doing yesterday. How do I remember all the insignificant trivia that I need to do my job or use my computer?

VoodooPad by Flying Meat is a notepad with hierarchy, links, search, relationship, and paste capabilities. You can record web links in a context that you will remember why you saved it in the first place. Maybe add a reminder why. The coolest part is it is completely unstructured. You don’t have to organize your thoughts to save it. You just dump it onto a page as if your were creating a webpage or using a private wiki. You can paste in parts of web pages (from Grab.app) or spreadsheets or documents or parts of PDFs. Supposedly you can import whole documents, but I don’t.

It works on a Mac. And you can replicate all your data on your iPhone with VP Reader in the App Store. So as you store important information, you can look it up on the phone when you are away from your mac. The export to iPhone only works via WiFi.

  1. Turn on WiFi on your Mac and iPhone
  2. You open VP Reader on the iPhone and press “Sync”
  3. In VoodooPad on the Mac you “File,” “Export Document,” and “Export to iPhone”
  4. VoodooPad “sees” VP Reader and you hit the Export Button.

Right now, you can’t edit on the iPhone. But you can write notes and then cut and paste them into VoodooPad when you are back at the Mac.

What do I use it for?

  • How do I login to my health benefits and check Explanation of Benefits?
  • What is the office phone list?
  • What books did I mean to read?
  • Tips on writing a good resume.
  • What CDs did I loan to my kids and never got back?
  • Who did that video on LinkTV that I liked?
  • How do I change the path on my Mac?
  • How do I cpio directories?
  • How do I login to this WordPress and write this article?

And I have to admit, I still can’t remember why I saved half this stuff.

The folks at Flying Meat have added the ability to sync your documents (the whole hierarchy) between your Macs using MobileMe or any WebDAV server. And you can publish your whole hierarchy on your MobileMe or another web server and make it available to anyone via a web browser. Not smart if you don’t want people to see your Explanation of Benefits. But if you wanted to use it to distribute reference information to your workgroup, or if you wanted to access the data from a non-Mac computer it is a great feature.  Supposedly you can serve the web page with your MobileMe password as security. But it takes some extra steps so don’t do the publishing thing if you are planning to keep private information.

I have been using this for so long, I can’t imagine functioning without it. Now if I could only find an app that will help me forget pesky memories….

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  • http://twitter.com/randisummer Randi

    I like Evernote for all those things. And it syncs wirelessly.

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