We Have the White iPhone 4! Kind of…

With all the recent talk of the mysterious white iPhone 4 being delayed again, or possibly even cancelled, it seems folks who have been patiently waiting, are now out of luck. Well, if you’re willing to put out a little extra money and a bit of work, you can have your very own white iPhone 4. Kind of.

The iPhone 4′s back battery cover is very easy to replace. If you could get your hands on a white one, it’s just a matter of removing 2 screws, sliding off the cover, replacing the cover, then replacing the screws. Head over to Mobile Parts Discount, to find all the replacement parts you might need for many different Apple iDevices. They were nice enough to build this back cover for me, with the frame from a black iPhone 4, and the glass of a white iPhone 4. You may have to order the parts separate, and build it yourself. You could just order the white glass, and build it into your existing frame. We did not attempt replace the front, but I prefer to have the front in black, anyway.

Here’s a quick video showing how to replace the back cover of the iPhone 4. Typically, the only reason you would want to do this, is if you dropped your iPhone 4 and the back glass cover broke. In my case, I’m just trying out the white back cover.

Here’s a couple of “after” pics:

Remember to check out www.mobile-parts-discount.net for all the iPhone parts you may need.

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